Lunch in DUMBO

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On our second-last day of the New York trip, my friend and I ventured across the Brooklyn Bridge for a late lunch in DUMBO, a neighbourhood of old warehouse buildings that have been refurbished into luxury apartments and trendy shops. 
The majority of our time, however, was spent on Old Fulton Street, a relatively quiet location with all of the classic New York details: weathered brick buildings with iron balcony fire escapes, stoops, and trendy coffee shops. They've taken the guess-work out of every foreigner's foodie list by clustering delicious restaurants on one block. 
We initially planned on eating lunch at Juliana's Pizza, the first store that popped up in our google search for a traditional, coal-fired pizza pie. We soon realized (by the s-shaped line-up) that Juliana's was also the ideal lunch spot for other tourists. Unfazed by the challenge, we mentally braced ourselves for the wait and joined the queue.
Best pizzeria in the US in 2015 (TripAdvisor)
Once inside, we were instantly revived by the sights and sounds of the food and great customer service; waiters diligently maneuvered around one another as they served their chatty customers. 
After a long period of indecision, we plumped for the first option on the pizza special: mozzarella, scamorza affumicata, pancetta, scallions and oregon-grown white truffles in olive oil. 

I must admit that this pizza was well worth the 90 minute wait. Have a look.
Large pie, please!
The tomato-less pizza was something new and quite refreshing. I especially appreciated the sweet scallions, the savoury pancetta, and the generous layer of fresh mozzarella.

Sunshine and a stroll were well warranted after such a satisfying meal.
Brooklyn Ice cream Factory
Manhattan Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Jane's Carousel built in 1922

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