Travel Guide: A Day in Monaco

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Monaco is a beautiful country that's only minutes away from Nice and Menton. If you're short on time but curious to take a peek around the land of luxe, here's a few things I wish I knew before going!

The beautiful thing about visiting Monte Carlo is that it's small and can be seen in one afternoon.
The view from Place de Palais
Arriving in Monaco

We took the TER train from Nice Ville to Monaco. In moments, we arrived in the gorgeous and newly renovated train station of Monaco-Monte Carlo. Everything was sparkling clean and modern. It has to be nicest train station that I have ever been in.

The Train Station

Monaco's train station is an enormous underground tunnel that is little confusing to navigate. It has three exits (two in the north and one in the south) that lead to different platforms. If you need a map, you can get one for free from the tourism office. It's on the second floor of the train station (south end) by the escalators.

What to Do

Short on time? I recommend walking up to Monaco-Ville for the panoramic views, checking out the mega yachts on the harbour as well as the Grand-Prix race grounds, and entering the Casino de Monte Carlo. To get from the train station to Monaco-Ville, walk from the south end of the train station (which takes around 10 minutes) until you exit at the north platform. If you need a coffee or wifi before starting your journey, there's a Starbucks and some other cafés near the stations exit.
Raspberry cheesecake from Caffe Costadoro

Homes in Monaco-Ville
After taking in the amazing view, you can walk down to the harbour. On your way there, you will pass by the grounds of the Grand-Prix race track. It's a really lively area where you can find live music, an assortment of luxury vehicles, and a boisterous group of suits - undoubtedly the owners of the cars - that are living it up over happy-hour.

Getting from the harbour to the casino is a cinch. The road signs are more evident around the harbour area and clearly point towards the casino. On your way up to the famous site, you'll pass by the Hyatt Monte Carlo and past a few boutiques from luxury brands such as Chanel.

It's impossible to pass by this:

It's twelve euros if you want to get to the tables and slot machines. Or, if you're not feeling lucky, you can do a self-guided tour of the casino.

On your way back to the train station, enjoy the harbour by night!

Have an amazing trip!


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  1. Beautiful Monaco. I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing.