Where Rivers Meet

9:50 PM

the city of lights
I've been holding off on this post for quite some time, but here it is!

A collection of my favourite places and things in Lyon (in photos):
Milling along the Saône river...
...and comparing it to the Rhône river
The pastel pinks and mustard yellow appartment buildings
The frescoes that make you do a double-take
Wandering through the narrow passageways of les Traboules
taking une pause for a very necessary café court and caramel brownie
...along with a pink praline dessert (specialty of Lyon)
The fact that french primary students get to do their theatre lessons in real theatres
(théâtre romain de Fourvière)
The interior of basilique Notre-Dâme de Fourvière
How serene the residential areas around Fourvière hill are...

as compared to the commercialization of Presqu-île
and most of all, the refreshing perspectives from all angles:
 la montée de Gourguillon (left), from la fontaine des jacobins (right)

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