Lobster Rollin'

8:13 PM

My apologies for the lack of posts!

I'm back on canadian turf for the summer. Another season of my life with new goals and challenges. One of my missions is to experience and capture Toronto in a new light. There are so many places in my own backyard that I have yet to see. The first one that comes to mind is the St. Lawrence market.

I've had a few jobs that were located downtown, so playing tourist was... a first. I used to work a stone throw away from the market, but I could never find the time to go inside and have a look around.

As a local, you could say that I dreaded taking out my DSLR, but that all faded away once I spotted a group of tourists hovering around the main entrance of the building. I gravitated towards my snap-happy friends and innocently took photos along with them.

We walked past several booths selling fresh fruit, vegetables, and specialty products from far and wide.

But the real treat was in the back of the building. Alas, Buster's Sea Cove.

The only vendor with a steady line up, despite being well after lunch hours. I opted for the "Lobster Special with Salad". Took a number, and waited patiently for my order. 

Meanwhile, the Buster's team worked swiftly to keep up with the all of the hungry customers.

Finally, number 238 was called and I ran up to retrieve my order. Ladies and gentlemen, the lobster roll.

The lobster roll was everything I thought it would be. Buttery, messy, deliciousness on a crisp bun. Perfection, really. Even the coleslaw was pretty good. Normally, you would think that the coleslaw would be dismissed when paired with the star of the show, but I found it to be a refreshing contrast to the richness of the lobster.

Here's a snap of Aurelie's crab cakes. Her meal had me wishing I ordered a side of fries.

Feeling full and energized, we walked around in the glorious sunshine. Babbling about summer plans, university, and travel.

Oh Toronto, you're such a beaut.

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2 commentaires

  1. Yes a new post! And oh my, that lobster roll looks delicious, can't wait to explore more of our Canadian backyard with you once I'm back :)

    1. Hey Huong,

      Yes! I'm so looking forward to our canadian adventures once you're home.