Nuit blanche

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Hey everyone!

I thought I'd share a few photos of Nuit Blanche. It was a chilly and windy night, but with the right layers, it was manageable! Besides, with OCAD and Ryerson University nearby, it was evident that no amount of rain and wind could ward off the crowds of determined art students and photographers.

The good thing about going to Nuit Blanche before dark is that you beat the crowds, skip the foot traffic, and get some clear shots of the awesome display at City Hall.

The indoor exhibits were tricky to find, but overall, the night didn't disappoint. The parking lot filled with 30 air dancers (a.k.a. car dealership thingies) bobbing and gyrating to hip-hop music was one of my favourites. It was so strange, unexpected, and amusing all at the same time.

Then this thing. As soon as I turned at the intersection, the light transmitting from it drew me in like a magnet. I find its presence to be both eerie and happy.

The waste management group created a powerful (smelling) exhibit demonstrating the public where all of their waste goes. Note: those are thousands of recycled cans and plastic bags.

After checking out some more areas around Queen Street, my friend and I left the sights and smells behind in favour of a food. I'm a huge fan of the t.v. show, Masterchef Canada. It's a culinary competition in which home cooks battle it out for the prize of their own cookbook and funding for their own restaurant. 

Once I heard that Eric, the recent winner of Masterchef Canada, had a restaurant on Spadina Avenue, I jumped at the opportunity to taste his culinary creations. Unfortunately, he was away on business in Singapore that night, so I didn't get to meet him :( we consoled ourselves by ordering "Eric's curry" from the menu, along with the salmon belly and seven grain rice.

The the beef was tender and stewed to perfection in a warm and spicy Thai curry. The coconut milk rice was alright. It was fragrant, but a bit dry and oily for my liking.

A close up of the beef curry.

I can't say enough good things about the salmon belly, bok choy, and the seven grain rice. Way too good!

I've never tried salmon belly before, so I was curious to see and taste the texture of it. To my pleasant surprise, it was extremely delicious and satisfying - especially the sauce, which reminded me of a sweet balsamic reduction. I would definitely recommend this!

This mini-post made me realize that more gastro posts are in due order! 

Stay tuned! xx

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