Glowing Summer Skin: Skincare Regime and Products

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Like anything else worth having, soft and glowing skin takes some serious work. Luckily, with a bit of patience and consistency, amazing skin is attainable and completely possible.

I've always been told that great skin (and health) starts from within. And it's true. If you maintain a balanced diet filled with antioxidants in conjunction with regular exercise, you'll eventually reap the benefits of healthy skin cells. The benefits of a balanced diet aren't just limited to great skin, but other important things such as: increased mental clarity, stable blood sugar levels, better mood etc. :) But that's a completely new post altogether.

Without further adieu, here are a few health-related products that I have been loving lately, and a few more that I've have been itching to try!

#1. I find that smoothies are the quickest way to make nutrients easily accessible for use for the body. I have yet to try this, but I plan on adding cocao powder to my morning smoothies. What's cocao? It's essentially cocoa, but in it's raw and pure form. I've read various product reviews online and it's supposed to be a great source of magnesium (which reduces skin inflammation and prevents wrinkles) and apparently cocao satisfies chocolate cravings. Let's be honest, I don't really know if anything can stave me off of chocolate, but hey - it's worth a try.
#2. It's always nice to know that you can fulfill your daily consumption of vitamins and minerals in one drink, and that's exactly what #2 claims to do. It's a raw, plant-based nutrition powder that contains an impressive list of super foods. Granted, it's supposed to taste kind of "bad" or earthy, to be more specific, and it's recommended that you blend the product with other fruits in order to be palatable, but I'm anxious to try it anyway.
#3. For protein, I've been faithfully using VegaOne for over a year now (the berry one). I enjoy the fact that it made with simple, plant-based ingredients, has 3 servings of vegetables, and that it tastes awesome even when mixed with water.


In terms of products, I try to make my regime as minimalistic as possible. You've got the hardest part out of the way (internal work) so your products should aid with preserving, exfoliating and firming the skin.

Personally, I like to stick with organic products like unrefined oils and masks. They are a bit pricey, messy, and don't come in convenient 100mL travel-sized bottles. However, I prefer investing in what I'm putting onto my skin today rather than skipping this step and dealing with the consequences later on in life. Also, I'm a simple gal, and I try to use all-natural products because I'm weary of all of the chemicals and alcohols hidden in most skincare lines. The fewer the ingredients - the better.

#1. I've been meaning to try this product by Mario Badescu. It's a spray with rosewater and aloe, which sounds like a refreshing and anti-inflammatory solution that would come in handy during these warm summer months.

#2. Castor Oil. This one was an experiment turned favourite on mine (credit to CloudyApples here). I mix castor oil with organic cold-pressed olive oil and gently remove all makeup on my face and neck. Next, I dip a clean facial towel in hot water and place it on my face to give myself deep cleansing mask! I've done this about three times and I find that it gives my face a deep and non-abrasive cleanse.

#3. Eye Amaze. I recently discovered Saje, a Vancouver-based "natural wellness" store that sells everything from essential oils to soaps. The store smells heavenly, their products are of high quality, and the associates are really sweet. I ended up purchasing their "Eye Amaze" eye cream along with an essential oil for the home in "Tantra". My house smells so nice and I'm thoroughly convinced that aromatherapy works! Any whom - back to the eye cream. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I can confidently say that it reduces "puffiness" while leaving my under eye area feeling super hydrated. Side note: It felt like such a treat to support a Canadian business. I'll definitely be back!!!

#4. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. My all-time favourite moisturizer, lotion, and make-up remover. Period. A little goes a long way and you smell like a dessert.

What are your go-to skin products & remedies?

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